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I would like some translations of the script made if anybody is willing. 
Currently I only have English and Russian (Cheers KiberGus) and would love anything I can get.


I'm going to start releasing patches for upcoming releases so people who already 
have the previous version don't have to extract a whole new script and reconfigure it.
Also I fixed a mistake in the Album View page so that works again.


Well, I've finally come back from the dead and merged kibergus' wonderful wonderful 
WONDERFUL help into the script, making the latest release 2.0.1.  I'm sorry for being 
such a slack-off on this, school, life, and work gets in the way of fun stuff....  Oh who 
am I kidding I just got bored of the project :(



Buggy, I know...
In the mean time 2.0 is very buggy and I would suggest sticking with 1.8 for stability.  
I've gotten numerous emails regarding different bugs and will fix it as soon as I can fit it 
in.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sex: do it for the kids
Woo, finally got it together and finished the damn thing, now head on over to the 
project page and download your copy today! *cheesy salesmen smile*


2.0 ETA: Within a day or two
Well, to kick off the new year (and to fulfil one of my resolutions) I've done a lot of 
work on the project and am just about done with 2.0.  I expect that if I keep at this rate 
it should get released either tomorrow or the next day (1/1 or 1/2).  There is still 
a lot of work to be done in it so hopefully I won't run in to any problems that will push back 
the ETA.  Happy new years everybody!


Version in the works
I'm currently working on version 2.0 of the script which will now be called ObsidianMusic 
due to the fact that it no longer is required to have an amaroK driven database (and I'm in love 
with my own screen name :P).  I've developed a daemon (still beta) to build the database for the 
script to run (currently only supports MySQL databases and is written in Python).  Of course 
since this mimics the amaroK database table for table you can still run this on the amaroK-created 

A couple of new things that'll be in this release:

	*CSS themable - no more nasty tables for layout (just a few for the song listings)
	*User-selectable themes - a little box in the side nav-bar to let users choose their own themes (can be disabled)
	*Support for all three databases that amaroK currently supports - SQLite/PostgreSQL/MySQL
	*Download albums - when the admin sets the output to download, users can download a whole album delivered as a nice tarball
	*Locale - once I get 2.0 out I'll be requesting some help with translations to make a nice multi-lingual script :)
	*Removed extended info - the little '?' at the end of the song line on the Latest Songs page is no longer there... no real need for it
	*I think I'll keep the current logo since the wolf is black like obsidian and it keeps its ties with amaroK
	*When you click on a row with a song in it it'll check the checkbox in that row
	*Proper commenting of the source code!
	*More to come as the ideas/requests come to me!


This just in!
This project now has a webpage!